Friday, November 28, 2014

Things For the Shop (But Not Black Friday!)

When I listen to the noise, they say it's Black Friday and the sales and lines are enormous.  I am not interested, even though I love bargains and some years I fret about the bargains I may be missing at the cost of the time in lines and traffic.  Not this year.

However, I know that my Etsy business always picks up close to the holidays as people buy presents.  So I put in some extra effort and added some new things to the shop

And now I am off to continue dismantling my sewing room.  I have sewing ideas, but no space for the work at present.  We are jiggering around kids and bedrooms and work spaces.  I abhor the chaos, but I am purging stuff and looking forward to the freshness afterward.


Lisa said...

Purging, freshness - yes, the two go together. I just bagged up five or six big loads to put out for Big Brothers and Sisters tomorrow. Ahhhh!

Nancy po said...

I embrace purging! It's to have things more simple and put away or donated...

jenny_o said...

I hope you find another space for your sewing. I've never had a space just for mine but I can imagine that it would make sewing so much easier.


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