Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just Before School

Dear Genevieve and Ben,
School's about to begin, and I had such a good summer with you.  We went to the pool so often that I put together a pool bag for the first time.  I let you pick out your own junky cereals for vacations (Ben:  Cocoa Pebbles, Genevieve: Fruit Loops, omigosh).  We went camping, creek stomping with friends, swimming in the ocean, and biking around town. We climbed the Statue of Liberty.  We got stacks and stacks of library books, especially before a car trip when I wouldn't let you read your new books until we were actually in the car.  You learned more chores and proved to be big helps around the house to me. You were interested in the Titanic, woodworking, headstands, making money, gardening, fishing, knitting, and babysitting.  Some days you whined and complained about being bored and we all got mad at each other.  Some days we stayed home the entire day.  I tried hard to answer your questions and enjoy you both.  The enjoyment part was easy - you are both delightful - but some of your questions, I can never never never answer, such as what makes a ship unsinkable and who I like best, Barbie or Skipper.  You two make my life sweet, and I'll miss you when you're in school even though that means I can make appointments (massage!) without arranging childcare.


the pool bag

junky cereal at the beach cottage

the kid-crafted go-cart that broke down a lot

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jenny_o said...

What a beautiful letter to your children. Sounds like great summer memories were made.

And, oh, the prospect of time for mama's interests :)

BLD in MT said...

This is a fantastic encapsulation of a summer. Sounds like a good one, too. That reminds me...I got a gift certificate for a massage at the wedding (now two months ago somehow)...I should call and schedule that appointment!

Margo said...

BLD, my massage is a gift certificate from last Christmas :) Finally.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Margo, I felt tears in my eyes , when I read this sweet letters to your children. Just wonderful.. I could feel your emotions.. I remember so well,how I missed my two kids ,when they returned to school each year. [and I still miss them now.]
So proud you had such a good /fun summer with them.. These are memories that they will remember forever..

Rebecca said...

Oh, I remember the vacation cold cereal. My choice always included the marshmallows that got so gorgeously slimy in milk. (Honestly, if you handed me a bowl right now I'm not sure I'd have the strength to say no.)

BLD in MT said...

A well-earned and over-due massage for you then! I hope you get to enjoy it soon!


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