Friday, February 14, 2014

A White Valentine's Day

More snow: thirteen more inches on top of the four that was already hanging around.  At this point, my children wake up on weekdays and ask me if they have school.  School days are the exception, not the rule.

Thus, we have an entire batch of caramel popcorn to eat for breakfast (no school Valentine's party for Ben to take it to). I left the cayenne out of this batch to be kind to the kindergartners.  I was thinking as I stood in the kitchen staring at the snow that maybe I should make another batch with. . . rosemary. . .

Ben helped me make more peanut butter.  It's so pretty, wreathed in the bowl.  And it's warm, too, from the motor, so it's perfect for tasting.

I whipped up a denim pant-leg bag for Ben's valentines.  I used wide bias tape to finish the top cut edge and add a handle.  Then I cut a red oval and sewed it to the bottom to make a narrow bucket.  I couldn't resist putting on a plaid heart.  The valentines are written up and waiting for whenever school happens again.

Genevieve's bag with the ruffle is from preschool.
Fortunately, my husband and I don't have to cancel our Valentine's date because the babysitting (a date-night trade with friends) and the restaurant are just a snow-booted walk away.  Happy Valentine's Day to you!


Jennifer Jo said...

Do tell what you ordered!

(My word to prove I'm not a spammer? "Roses.")

Margo said...

We had calamari first that was exquisite - tender and almost spicy with a side of arugula. Then Mr. Thrift had rosemary lemon chicken with polenta and arugula and some braised vegetables- it was divine. I had a braised pork shank with chickpea grits and winter greens - good but enormous. Then there was a chocolate ganache heart with espresso ice cream and salted caramel. Service and atmosphere were wonderful. Such a treat!

Jennifer Jo said...

Perfectly splendid! I'm jealous!

(Here: all-you-can-eat hot dogs, potato salad, applesauce, and salted caramel ice cream.)

Hazel said...

My children are so envious of your snow! I'm sure the novelty has well and truly worn off for you, but we haven't had any at all this year, just lots and lots of rain...

Love the bag- hope Ben gets to give the cards out soon.

Polly said...

Caramel popcorn. I want that.

I LOVE his valentine's bucket!!! Last year we painted a shoebox, which we'll be using again this year (at our homeschool group--which was cancelled Thurs due to 19.5 inches here)--but I loooove the idea of a little jean-leg bucket. So cute.

Angela said...

I love that jean leg bucket- can see oodles of uses for them- What a great idea!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Snow is beautiful.. but , I for one, am ready for spring..Tired of all the cold,rain,mud ,ice and snow.ha
Ben's valentine bag is adorable.. AS is, Genevie's.. Cute,cute.. Sorry Ben missed his party.. But the popcorn sounds good... ENjoy.


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