Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Nice Winter Breakfast

Cardamom Braid and Tracy's winter fruit salad. Black coffee for the bigs and milky mint tea for the littles.

The cardamom bread needs more work before I recommend it to you.  Cardamom is probably my favorite spice and I clearly remember the first time I tasted it.  I was a sophomore in high school and my friend Krista brought a loaf of cardamom bread to school and shared it around as we walked through the lobby.  The flavor was exquisite and exotic.

The fruit salad is absolutely delicious.  The only tweak I made on Tracy's recipe was toasting the pecans and coconut.  I highly recommend it.

We ate in the extra-bright winter light from snow still on the ground.  But then there was plenty of sunshine in the afternoon when we watched a sugar maple being tapped.  The sap is running and spring is coming!  I've had my fill of winter - and what a tremendous lot of winter we got this year - and I'm eager for spring.


Hazel said...

I'm certainly ready for Spring. We've had a wet, dreary winter and I'm ready for some green!
I heard 2 different traditional pieces of weather lore recently that imply we might not have seen the last of the bad weather.
We could probably do with a cold snap (unlike the US we've only had a handful of frosts) but I hope it's brief...

Susan said...

My first experience of cardamom was in high school, too -- I was supposed to make a loaf for a project (about Scandinavia, maybe?) and I got all the ingredients the night before, and then realized I had whole cardamom, not ground, with no mortar and pestle. So I remember rummaging all through the house trying to find something to smash the cardamom up with. As I recall I didn't do such a hot job, I think it was more like white bread with cardamom shards in it. You would not have had such a pleasant memory of cardamom if sampling the loaf I made was your first experience of it! Thinking fondly of high school with you and Krista and others, though :) Susan

Beth said...

the breakfast sounds so cozy and tasty!

and I love how you so distinctly remember your first cardamom experience! I can remember the first times I had fresh cilantro (not a common ingredient in Deep Southern cuisine in the 1980's, hmm?)

yes, I'm so over winter - long and cold here, too!

my mom made a fruit salad growing up that had green apples, red apples, cool whip (I know, I know ;-), and pecans...your salad makes me think of it.

oh, and your pillows are fun.

love to you!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Bread looks yummy..
I so ready for spring..It has been a long winter.


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