Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Leather Envelope for the Tablet

There's a new technology baby at our house.  My husband bought a tablet for less than $100.  After several weeks, this is how it is used:

1.  quick checks in the early morning to see if school is delayed or cancelled
2. Downton Abbey watching from a comfier spot than our desks
3. resource at meetings away from home
4. math flash cards for Genevieve
5. alarm clock
6.  Tetris for the kids - occasionally

There is some overlap with our computers, of course, but I've been surprised at how handy the tablet is proving to be.  By way of reference, we don't have smartphones, ipods, or GPS.  Our laptop is ancient and slow - my husband mainly uses it to practice for exams. We have a TV that we use for playing DVDs only.

I sewed it a leather pocket with a closure like an old-fashioned envelope.  I used a "leather needle" (whatever that does) in my sewing machine and a piece of soft, beige scrap leather from our local fabric outlet.  I mainly use the leather envelope when I'm taking the tablet out of the house.

My husband is interested in the kind of tablet cover that opens like a book and holds the tablet to one leaf with elastic loops.

The children hover around the tablet like bees around a flower.  I'm sure we will need to discuss appropriate technology use with them, but for now, we're just winging it and hoping we're decent role models.


Dusa said...

I use my iPad (it was a gift) for watching Hulu. We only use our TV for DVDs too, but there are shows that I enjoy that the CatMan doesn't (ayup, BBC TV is one of them)

jenny_o said...

That looks very smart. Did you use a double needle or a good eye to sew the double rows of stitching?

If someone handed me ipod, or smart phone, or GPS - or a tablet - I would be like a cave woman. NO IDEA how to use one. Yet I use the computer at work almost 100 percent of my time there. Did you find it hard to get used to?

Margo said...

Jenny_o, it was a little hard to get used to because I don't use a smartphone, the other common touchscreen. Like most things, practice helps!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Great job on the bag..
I think you are doing a great job as role model for your kids..

Beth in the City said...

Having some technology available to them means YOU get to be the ones who teach them first-rather than just our culture laying into them, which it will. It's a daunting part of parenting but from reading your blog for a while I have confidence that you and your husband have what it takes!


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