Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Overripe Cantaloupe

It was my fault because I left the cantaloupe on the counter too long. Its flavor was good, its texture was not.  I blendered it into a smoothie and poured the leftovers into the popsicle molds.  I have finally realized that the popsicle is to summer what soup is to winter: take the little dregs or slightly undesirable leftovers and combine them into a new texture and everyone wants a bite!

Today Genevieve pestered her father into a lemonade stand on the front porch.  I told her it was a chilly day; she promptly used hot water to make the lemonade and billed it as "hot lemonade."  She didn't sell a single cup.  I poured 6 new popsicles of lemonade, her idea. 

What are your favorite popsicles?


Sew Blessed Maw said...

OH...I wish I lived down the road from you... I would have bought a glass of 'HOT lemondade" from Genveie.. She needed at least one buyer.ha.

Racheal said...

Love your blog Margo. Its beautiful and lemonade popsicle sounds yummy

Meryl said...

As you say, a bit of overripe anything makes a good Popsicle. But, when the Kiddo isn't getting one, I like to use leftover coffee and chocolate!

Margo said...

Meryl, that sounds good! I've swished out an almost empty jar of nutella with milk - made that into popsicles. The kids fought over those.

jenny_o said...

Very clever. The only popsicles I ever made for my kids were from straight juice; they were too icy and somehow tasteless. I did have a good recipe for chocolate fudgsicles, but it required special items to be purchased so - you guessed it - it fell by the wayside.

Have you had occasion to use bananas in your popsicles? Now I'm thinking about banana fudgsicles that were around for a few years when I was a kid. MMMM!


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