Sunday, August 4, 2013

He Did Corn

My husband is always casting around for what to do with the children on the days I am at my job.  He is not big on routines, so they make it up as they go.  One day recently, he hit on the idea of freezing corn.  I kid you not.  He said something about wanting to do something purposeful with their time together.

So he went to the cheap place out in the country and bought 7 dozen ears of corn for $2.50 a dozen.  The children husked it.  He boiled it outside, cut it off the cobs, and handed it over to the children again to stuff in freezer boxes.  When I got home at suppertime, the freezer was full of labeled boxes, the house was cleaned up and calm, and supper was on the table.  I kid you not.  The man deserves a prize, or at the least, a laudatory blog post.

There are several funny things I would like to point out here:

1.  I was planning to get rid of all those plastic freezer boxes and bags and use glass canning jars as another step towards less plastic in the house.  So now the freezer boxes are back in rotation and grinning gleefully.

2.  I only wanted 5-6 dozen ears of corn this preserving season.  I had already frozen 3 dozen just by buying an extra dozen here and there and boiling it with our supper corn.  My mom introduced me to this efficient way of doing corn. Now I have corn from 10 dozen ears in the freezer.

3.  They all enjoyed themselves.  My husband did not take any pictures, so here are mine, which I snapped as I thought I would tell you about my mini-batches of frozen corn.  Just when you think you know everything about your spouse, he busts out a kitchen project groove. I love that. I love him.


Beth said...

I love to see husbands wearing their SuperHero capes! What a special story, and so interesting to see the different ways they find to get jobs done!

beth said...

What a SWEET post! Wish I had loads of corn in MY freezer!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Good job!

jenny_o said...

I'm with Beth and beth!

Also, it's so good for children to see that there is more than one way to do things, and to get to help out, too.

So, will you be looking for new recipes for corn? hee hee

Polly said...

WELL DONE, Mr Thrift. All that corn and supper ready too? Yeah, he deserves praise on the blog!!

An unrelated note: does your dishrag always look so bright and clean? Or is this one new? Mine is all faded--maybe time to replace!

BrotherDearest said...

Needs no explanation... totally on topic, and not offensive

Margo said...

Jenny_o, yes, I will be looking for corn recipes :) Maybe a new board on Pinterest. . . ?

And Polly, hahahahhaha, I wish! That's a very new dishcloth. My old ones were darned and then getting new holes and I just threw them away in disgust. They were also ugly grey. I've enjoyed knitting up a new batch.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Very Proud of Mr.Thrift.. And the kids got to help dad in progress, what a great learning experience..
And I like your moms idea, of doing a few extra ears of corn at meal times..

BLD in MT said...

Well how awesome is that!? What a fun family time with your sweet husband!

And I wish I had that much corn in my freezer, too!

sk said...

What is that black stuff?

Margo said...

sk, the corn was roasted on the grill, hence some black (delicious!) kernels.

Deanna Beth said...

What a great story! What a great event! What a great memory for the kids! (What a great man.)


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