Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Purses for a Little Girl

Genevieve and I designed this purse together.  I gave her a few options - fabric and style-wise, and she discussed it with me very thoughtfully.  She wanted a cross-body bag with pockets inside and a flower on the snap.  I added the ribbon and steered the lining choice (brown with pink butterflies embroidered on it).



I was surprised she chose such tasteful, quiet cashmere and I did try to make it a little girly with the ribbon on the strap. We decided this would be her winter purse; I had funky pink cupcake fabric laying out to cut out the next purse when I swooped through the thrift store one night on a different mission.

And came across the most darling little yellow purse for $4. 

I did not hesitate for one second.

In the morning, when I gleefully showed Genevieve her new spring purse, I asked quite seriously if I could borrow it from her sometimes.  She was beyond proud to say yes.

Oh, purses.  Girls and purses.


Jennifer Jo said...

It's so cute! And her in her boots---adorable. (My girls would love them some knee-high boots.)

Margo said...

G was longing for some boots and bam! there they were at the consignment store in the fall. They do go so well with everything.

jodi said...

Seriously, she is the cutest! And what sophisticated style she has. I'd totally borrow her purses if she'd let me :)

jenny_o said...

This is such a sweet story, from start to finish. The pictures are wonderful - of your daughter, her purse, her boots, her happiness - and also of your son, hamming it up!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

How fun.. Genevie had great taste .. I love her purse and I love her modeling with her new purse..so cute [and what adorable boots].. And what a cute brother to make the photo shoot even cutier.. Love this post.

Alica said...

A girl after my own heart. If only my young teenager liked purses! I have an obsession with them! :)

Polly said...

Look at her in her boots and tights, so stylish! I love the purse! Did you wing it without a pattern? I want to be able to do that....I'm so impressed. The yellow bag is perfection.

This entire post makes me so happy God gave me a daughter. I hope in a few years she'll let me borrow her accessories!!

Margo said...

Polly, thank you! I did wing it, yup. I made a long rectangle with a pointed top (the flap) and sewed the lining fabric (with the pockets) on it. Then I made little rectangles to be the gussets and left them open at one end. I pinned the gussets in place, topstitched them, then pushed the strap down into the open ends of the gussets, effectively closing them when I stitched the strap in place. I should have used interfacing and I was going to correct that problem on the pink cupcake purse, but, oh well: the yellow purse is so dang cute!

Meryl said...

I love how she's posing with it! What a cutie. We girls and our purses, indeed!


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