Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Still Making Winter Clothes

Hey, it's white outside again today and I'm working on winter clothes, partly because it took me all winter to figure out what we needed and partly because we wore out our winter clothes and even though it's technically spring, we still need those clothes. You can go now, Winter.

I made myself a pair of flannel pajamas.  I love the birdie flannel, but JoAnn's didn't have enough for both shirt and pants, so I used aqua houndstooth flannel for the pants.  With a little orange-flowered ribbon tag.  I used black grosgrain ribbon, free from the fabric outlet with my last purchase, to finish the hems, trim the pockets, and make a drawstring. 

I loved how these little black buttons complemented the flannel, but I needed one more button.  I decided to simply add another pretty button - why on earth do all 5 buttons need to match?  They all look good together, and suddenly, I see a middle ground between seeking matched buttons and mismatching buttons for the hobo/boho look. 

Since I'm practically middle-aged, I've noticed I really go for the middle ground on every issue.

I also made my husband a pair of boring grey pajama pants and fleece leopard print lounge pants for myself.  Too boring to photograph and too private to model.

And here is Christy getting me back on track with my wool socks.  She's an excellent, patient teacher and I've never seen anyone knit as fast as she can.

When I get past the heel, I'm going straight back to Christy's house to drink tea again and let her coach me through the next steps.  The best way to knit!


  1. Those pajamas are adorable! And I agree about knitting: best done in good company. :-)

  2. So cute!!! How nice to have such a great friend!:)

  3. The crazy thing about winter clothes, and I am in SC, is that I saw them reduced in price and then the prices were returned to full retail because winter will not go away. Fortunately I did stock up on wool socks while they were on clearance.

    I have a group of friends who meet twice a month for a free lunch time concert at our local library. We bring along our handwork and help and teach each other before the music starts. It is so much easier for me to dive into something when I have an actual teacher.

    Good for you for making clothing for your family! I have not done so for many years. Fabric is crazy expensive in my area.

  4. "Yes" to Winter going away. We just had a blizzard. A blizzard, for cryin' out loud!

    I love your pragmatism regarding the pj material and the buttons. Good thinking.

    Lucky you to have a friend to help you along with your knitting challenges - enjoy!

  5. I adore that fabric! I've never tried making a PJ top before, but some of my favorite pairs of bottoms are homemade.

  6. Margo. I love your new pjs ..How cute. Aren't they fun to make?
    I am so with you---please spring come soon.

  7. I recognized that birdie fabric right away! I used the cotton version to make cloth napkins for my family. It was the perfect pair to compliment my red ones.

    And so impressed that you are conquering the knitted sock.


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