Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello, Whimsical Sunshine!

These are the sunglasses I got at Shabby Apple because I won a gift card through a blog giveaway.  At first it was fun to try to see what my $50 would get me, but the quality looked so dubious and most of the clothes were too trendy for me.  So I bought sunglasses with curlicues on the side.

Then I made a little bag for them from one of my husband's dress shirt sleeves.  I could mention that the shirt was worn through in the collar and cuffs and I had harvested the buttons already, but it would be funnier if you imagined him pulling a dress shirt out of his closet with one sleeve chopped off. The shock!

I did not pad the little sleeve case, so I'm not sure it's a practical way to keep the sunglasses in my cavernous bag.  But the little jewel-like orange buttons are so fun!  And hello, sunshine! I'm happy to put on sunglasses again.


  1. oooooooooooooo I LOVE them!

  2. Smart idea..The buttons are so cute on it..

  3. Harvested. So funny. You are always always resourceful, always funny.

  4. I love this idea! And thinking it wouldn't be too difficult to make a liner out of shoulder pads - esp. the big ones from about 1982 :)

    I'm glad you are getting sunshine. We are hosting our second blizzard in one week. Squint a little in all the brightness for me, would you?

  5. What a cute sleeve-bag! I like it!

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  7. I love your hopeful attitude...hallo sunshine! May you have lots of sunshine soon :)
    Greetings from here in Sydney Australia where our weather is crazy at the and then thunderstorms, but the veggie garden loves the rain and all the rocket seeds are rocketing along and up.
    Alexa , blogging at


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