Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Goals for the Children

 I want my children to be equipped with a good work ethic and the skills to live a pleasant, responsible life when they leave home (which seems imminent some days! how quickly they grow!). 

I've noticed, too, that when they have free play time all day, they can get a little crazy and naughty.  So I want to deliberately teach them some more chores this summer, thinking that the school year will be too scheduled to allow for much instruction.  I like this balance of work and play for them.  And I've noticed that friends with older children reap the reward of real help around the house, too.

I might make a new chore chart for these things, or maybe just post the lists where the adults can refer to them. 
What the 6-year-old can do with minimal assistance:
1.  make her bed
2.  sort, fold and put away laundry
3.  iron hankies and napkins
4.  dry dishes
5.  set the table, pour water
6.  wash the bathroom floor
7.  shake rugs
8.  put away toys
9.  dust/wipe the steps

Goals for the 6-year old to learn:
1. clean sinks
2. spray and clean mirrors/windows
3. use sewing machine [I need to find an owner's manual for her machine first]
4. vacuum a room
5. dust a room
6. sweep a sidewalk
7. wipe a counter or table - wringing a cloth
8. organize an area such as a drawer or desk of art supplies

What the 4-year-old can do with minimal assistance:
1.  make his bed
2.  set the table
3.  put away toys
4.  dust baseboards
5.  put away the trashcans
6.  sort laundry

Goals for the 4-year-old
1.  dust/wipe the steps
2.  fold laundry
3.  sweep a sidewalk

So these chores will be put in the day whenever it seems reasonable.  The other structure we have is a one-hour quiet time some time after lunch.  The children are required to be on a bed or sofa with books, no toys.  They may sleep or read or daydream, but they must indubitably be quiet.

I hope this makes a good summer for us!


Jennifer Jo said...

Good for you! It WILL pay off, too. My oldest has been working 8 hour work days with his papa---a year or two ago he could only go a couple hours before giving up and trying to escape. So...keep everlastingly at it, I say. Bonbons (and a novel and a glass of wine) are in your future! (Not that I'm eating bonbons or anything...)

Unknown said...

This sounds very similar to my goals with the boys this summer - 6 and 4 years old - and we have a quiet time each afternoon too!
I've added some outdoor chores like weeding & watering, picking pesky bugs off the plants, etc. It's almost too fun to be considered a chore for them ; )

Lisa said...

I'll bet the one hour quiet time will especially be appreciated when the heat of summer arrives - kind of like a European siesta.

jodi said...

I really love this idea!

Nicole said...

Great lists! We too did quiet time everyday after lunch for years. And chore lists for everybody - called 4 pm clean up. Now everybody has two chores a day, but they also often just help out on thier own, which is pretty sweet for me. Like yesterday coming in after dealing with the chickens to find a clean kitchen and veges chopped.

Unknown said...

I did that too- started them folding clothes, putting away/setting the table, making beds, dumping trash/recycling. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency. I taught my kids (with supervision) how to sort and do their laundry at 10. Many teenagers didn't learn to do that! And we had a chart/checklist on the fridge to keep track of the schedule, handy with our 3!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What a great idea.. I am always so excited to hear young parents ,teaching their children to do chores.. This is so important.. And it makes for a much better summer vaccation, for the whole family..
My children are grown, and we did this. I can't remember their exact ages, but they were young.. And they grew up and learned the values of working for a living.
thanks for sharing.

BLD in MT said...

This sounds like a WONDERFUL plan of action. Work makes life sweet! I wish I'd been trained to think that since I was four! I love the quiet time too. Equally as important as times to be industrious!

Polly said...

I love this!!! You are so wise to have these goals for your children. They (and you) will benefit from it in the future!