Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holly Hobbie and Her Pinafore

I came across my ragged copy of Holly Hobbie Around the House a few weeks ago.  With my childhood eyes, I had seen all the friends and puppies and cupcakes.  With my adult eyes, I noticed the shabby chic dresses, calico bloomers, and pinafores.  I hadn't thought of pinafores for decades, but even before enjoying Holly Hobbie again,  I made one for Genevieve to wear over her red plaid dress.  The green hair ribbon was her idea.

The pinafore turned out quite differently than I thought.  I was picturing how a white pinafore looked when it was frilled and flounced, but the white pinafore I made was plain and tailored. . . and looked like a medical uniform.  So I added silver buttons and handstitched black straight stitch across the pocket tops and around the hem.  Much better.  Also, instead of facing the sheer white linen, I lined the whole pinafore.

The red Mary Janes still make the dress and get compliments wherever she goes.


Beth said...

Great education on stock/broth! I'm learning...

I loved Hollie Hobbie as a child, too. They tried to bring her back in recent years, but yikes, it's so not the same, trying to make her "cool" and 21st century!

Your Genevieve looks very sweet in the pinafore - my girls - my girlie ones that is, would love having pinafores!

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

I remember Holly Hobbie as a more gentler character in my young. I had a comforter on my bed that looked like her scraped dress ( in my mind anyway) as my mother was not a quilter, my bed did not dawn a quilt until I was an adult. I wore pinafores as a child ( most Mennonites do) and somehow thought they were pretty. As a girl in a family full of boys, it meant I didn't have to be careful to spoil my dress, or perhaps one of my brothers spoiling my dress.

You made a simple but perfect one for the dress. How darling your daughter is modeling it for us. Tell her I said she is beautiful. because she is.

Job well done.


Tracy said...

It's adorable, as is Genevieve. I'll bet she enjoys pouring over that book, too.

Laura said...

Your pinafore is beautiful! When my girls were little they had several dresses that had pinafores with them, and my mother made an all-purpose pinafore from eyelet material, with ruffles. That one was the girls' favorite - one daughter would even wear it without a dress under it!

My "mom" pinafores are my aprons - I wear one everyday when I work around the house.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Darling! Your Genevieve always looks so sweet and I love the way you dress her! You're inspiring me for Miss F's wardrobe in a few years.