Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep Pants with Roses

My French sleep pants wore right out from love and hard use, so I used this pattern again to make another pair.  My husband told me the sheet fabric looked like pajamas to him - which made me a little shy about wearing the dress (I'm over it), but pleased to make pajama pants from the remnants.

I was careful with the details.  Instead of an elastic waistband, I added a section of elastic to the blue drawstring.  I tacked it down in the back with a tag of my favorite ribbon.  I love sleeping pretty!


  1. Ok, those are GORGEOUS! I would like a pair please. Share the pattern?

  2. DB, it's listed in a link in the post, but I will also tell you:

    It's Simplicity 4006 from the 60s.


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