Friday, October 20, 2017

The Sea-Green Linen Dress

The color of this linen is perfect. It's almost grey, but then it's green.  When I wear it, it matches my eyes and my skin looks bloomy and pink.  In short, it's my color.  And I would have ditched this dress pattern except for the fantastic sea-green linen.

The pattern gave me a high-necked dress with puffed sleeves.  I looked like a dreadful 1980s Mennonite maiden - not my vision!  I nearly chucked it in the thrift store bag. Rebecca talked my off the cliff by suggesting I re-cut the neckline.  I took the dress on and off many many times as I snipped a neckline, checked it, snipped again, checked it.  Finally, I liked it.  I made new facings by laying newspaper on top and tracing the neckline.

For the sleeves, I relied on ikat bag's helpful post on sleeves to explain what makes some fit closely and fit better.   Essentially, I flattened out the curve on top of the sleeve to reduce the puffiness. I was able to reduce the puff significantly, while still keeping the ease that I needed for songleading, the first event where I wore this dress.

I also tried on the dress multiple times to take in the waistline darts and loosen up the hip area.  So many fitting issues!  

The linen was rough and scratchy when I started making the dress, but I handled it so thoroughly that it turned soft and buttery by the time I was ready to wear it. 

I do like the dress, especially with the chunky bracelet I got at the thrift store for $2 and the merino wrap my mother-in-law got in India. But I doubt I'll have the patience to sew this pattern again!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Plain Office Curtains

My husband asked for plain curtains for his narrow little office where one wall is a door and a window.  He wanted privacy and climate control and nothing fussy (read: black rectangles). 

I picked up a bundle of fabric at the creative reuse store for a couple bucks, only to discover it was knit fabric when I got it home to wash. I have had mixed success sewing knits so that the seams do not bubble.  I have tried the faux serger stitches on my machine on various projects. I think the deciding factor is how the knit itself behaves with sewing, which I don't know how to predict. This black knit turned out fine.  I used a small zig-zag stitch and pressed the hems firmly when I was done.

I clipped the rectangles to the wire and clips my husband got at Ikea.  He is pleased, and I am pleased to have a curtain success!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Phoebe at the Cabin

After I was sick for a week, we went to the cabin with family.  I also picked up a new freelance editing job.  And Phoebe, although she looks cherubic here, is demanding her independence with destructive results as only a 2-year-old can. Oh, that girl.  So all of these explain my blogging break, but I'm back.


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