Sunday, August 24, 2014

Genevieve Hosts a Party

She was begging for a party with all the classic party trappings.  I suddenly realized that if she got it out of her system now, we could have our traditional low-key family celebration at her birthday and no extra gifts from a big peer party.  Spread out the chaos and fun in manageable doses! So we did.

And Genevieve planned it:  the menu, games, guest list, invitations, she planned it all.  She felt the work and anxiety that go into planning a social event - that was good for her. I suggested that she gather supplies for relay races or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or some other classic games, but she decided to follow a very loose program of running around after the main event, the pinata that she fussed over and filled with her very own money.   I did make the cookies and popcorn, but only because she asked me to.

She made the lemonade from a recipe she chose from Joy of Cooking. She had been begging for a lemonade stand all summer long, and she loved making that lemonade.  Each child had a cloth napkin as a "plate" for the snacks.  We used the fancy violet ice cubes (hooray! more space in my freezer!).

When the party was over and the happy guests departed, Ben summed it up well:  "that was really more like a play date."  Well, a play date with a pinata and my mom as a good-sport helper.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

how fun... and what a great learning day..Proud they had fun.

Hazel said...

Well done Genevieve! That sounds like a great party, and so well planned.

Jennifer Jo said...

So neat! And now I want a pitcher of lemonade.

BLD in MT said...

A play-date with a pinata. Works for me! :) And I am sure it was very good experience for your little party planner as well as a good time.

Lana said...

Leave it to little brother to sum it all up! Good job Genevieve!

Beth said...

Go mom!
Go Genevieve!

Looks like the perfect kid-fun-time :-)

Sarah Barry said...

Precious. There is something so touching to me about a child and their expectations and the things they look forward to.

Looks like she pulled off a great party!

jenny_o said...

Brilliant! I would love to go to a party that is "just because" - sounds like the best kind, to me! She will always remember it. I still remember the two birthday parties I had, growing up, because my mother involved me in the planning and cooking. Many good lessons there!


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