Sunday, March 23, 2014

For the MYF Auction

Our MYF (Mennonite Youth Fellowship) is going on a service and learning trip this summer (this project).  They needed to raise some money for supplies for the houses they are going to be repairing.  So they held a dinner and benefit auction, and I donated a patchwork pillow and a clothespin bag that I made.

Because I love these kids and I love the project.

I made another donation by buying these glass cosies.  A drinking glass sits down in the cosy, which acts as a coaster and identifier in one.  Clever, no?  Crocheted by my friend Myrna, and packaged beautifully with a set of vintage napkins.

In church this morning, the MYF announced that they raised almost $8,000 with their auction and dinner.  I'm so pleased.


Julian said...

How great! Our youth had a fundraiser too! I always enjoy supporting them. We have six kids and two of them are involved in the youth group.
Pretty colored copies. Love the pillow!

Rozy Lass said...

What an astounding figure for the fundraiser. Good Job all! Just curious, who were the bidders? How big is the community?

Alica said...

i'm in the market for a new clothes pin bag! It would have been a good auction to be at! I love the way the youth get such wonderful support!

Margo said...

Rozy, the bidders were mostly church people with some aunts and uncles sprinkled in. It was a small crowd this year. Our church is only about 160 people on a Sunday morning, and not everyone was even at the auction.

jenny_o said...

That is an amazing result - and a committed community, clearly.

I love your donations. The detail on the cushion! and the buttons on the clothespin bag! (I am a button fiend)
And your friend's donation is such a good idea as well. Well done.

BLD in MT said...

How wonderful! Good for your community--good for the world! And those are some pretty neat-o cosies!


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