Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Lego Circle

The Lego was taking over the house. 

It was always on the table and we only have one table, but then the children hated to clean it up.  Or if the Lego was on the floor, my husband would obsess about getting every piece of Lego off the floor every time the vacuum cleaner came out.

In short, I decided to buy one of those cool round storage bags.  But I quailed when I saw that even the cheapest one was $50.
So I decided to try again at making one.  And it worked!

I used this pattern.  I made buttonholes instead of fooling around with grommets. 

However, I decided to make my circle larger than the pattern, and having very little understanding of circle geometry and being slap-dash with my cutting, there are some puckers here and there.  Plus, I didn't cut the cord long enough for it to lie exactly flat.

But everyone is happy:  no more cleaning up Lego!  The children play with it on the circle and pull the drawstring when they're done.  It has a nifty slider to keep the cord cinched up.  I get a happy little twitch every time I walk by and see the Lego circle helping with housekeeping!


Jennifer Jo said...


(I need one of those for my daughter---for her entire ROOM.)

Beth said...

VERY nice!!
What I'm loving is that I see cherries and rainbows that live in my house...fabrics on things you've made that we use. :-)

And the avocado pepper marmalade thing made my mouth water...

beth said...

You did it!!! That's what counts. And it's pieced...right??...even better! ;)

jodi said...

Oh my goodness, I honestly was just searching for one of those two days ago and decided it wasn't worth the money and maybe I could make one instead... I'm so glad you made one for me to reference when I make ours. You're so creative!

Polly said...

What a clever and cute bag!!! I love it!!!

Margo said...

Jodi, you can totally make one! You don't need to piece the outside either - you can just use 2 big circles of fabric. The inside of the one I made is cut from an old sheet. But I did piece the rest per the tutorial because I am trying to use up fabric in my stash.

Beth, some of this fabric will never die, I'm convinced. But I'm glad it gives you a warm feeling to see the connection between our homes!

Zoë said...

Genius. Never heard of this before! I need one for our tinker toys. Guess I'll have to get back to sewing after I'm finished cutting patches for church sewing circle!

BLD in MT said...

What a clever and helpful solution! And to think of all the poor souls that shell out $50 for one because they don't have the know-how and spirit to make one themselves. Way to go, Margo!

All the more neat since you used up some leftover stash!

Sarah Barry said...

We have not fully embraced legos yet, but I know when we do that one of these is a must make.

Sounds like yours is a little grandma Weavered but I'm thrilled that everyone is happy with it - ha! GW is my style.

The fabrics make me giddy!


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