Friday, September 14, 2012

Small and Good Blogs

A shout-out to some of my favorite small and good blogs that I enjoy reading - I do read more than the blogs in my sidebar.  I'm linking up with Meghan's linky party to broadcast the news.

1.  Natasha over at Hong Kong Housewife

Natasha offers fascinating observations on life abroad, as well as personal anecdotes.  She just had a baby, too, which makes for interesting life (and blog) changes.

2.  Jodi over at Life & Oh-La-Dee-Dah

Jodi has great photos and great style.  She tells interesting stories and gives family an honest, yet sweet look.  I love following her on Pinterest, too.

3. Polly over at The Trinity Chronicles

Polly is a ponderer with a joyous heart.  I am encouraged and inspired when I visit Polly's blog.  I became an even bigger fan of Polly's after she sent me fabric and books out of the kindness of her heart! 

Who is your favorite small blog?  Let's find some new favorites!


jodi said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for the mention. I have to say, your blog is definitely one of my favorites too! :) I can't wait to check out the other blogs you mentioned.

loves2spin said...

My two favorites are ~

Student Family Living: - written by a young mother about frugal and healthy living for young families...


Pink Overload:

Written by a mother of 3 girls that gives hilarious and interesting insights to her life and family as well as some yummy recipes!

Polly said...

Oh, you are so sweet! And this reminds me that I have more goodies I need to go through and possibly send to you, if you want 'em. At the current rate of how things go 'round here, I have no idea WHEN it will happen!!

Your blog is probably my favorite 'small' blog along w/ a couple of others written by a couple of my friends. Blog-reading time is terribly limited chez Trinity but I'm also checking out what's happening here!!!! (And my other standbys are 'bigger' ones, Leila's blog and Anna at PVS....)


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