Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Had Forgotten

I read Sarah's post, and suddenly I remembered what I used to do when I lived at home yet:  I poked in all corners of the house to find things to set the table with when I wanted it to be special.  I would find little vases or scraps in Mom's craft jumble or the basket that held the fruit, and I would marry it all together into a tablescape that pleased me.  My family was amused, but I think I was the only one who thought the table looked great.

But the thing I want to recall is that I was deeply, joyously immersed in the creative process, in the limits of using what was in the house or clipped from the back yard.  Furthermore, the things I was using weren't even necessarily to my taste.  I had forgotten how fun that process was.

Scrap of fabric to brighten things up, electrical thingy to hold cards.  Yes!

I also remembered how my mom and Aunt Esther would volunteer as the window decorators for a local thrift store.  They would go in there once a month and cull things from the store to display in the front shop window.  The window always looked so inviting and smart - I wonder if they ever took any pictures of their ingenuity?

The lesson here is an echo of what Sarah said:  that we can find joy outside of shopping, that the thrill of the hunt doesn't need to end with a purchase. 

I am re-inspired, just in time for the fall freshening-up urge.  What about you?


loves2spin said...

I enjoyed this post so much it had me slightly in tears. Very sweet. And such an inspiration. When I was growing up, at least amongst the people I knew, no one did anything other than what you are talking about. We made do (and nicely) with what we had. Home decor was "eclectic" by necessity. My house is still that way. I've inherited many items from my mom. I also, though, have matching dishes and things that we've purchased through the years. When I go into a house where everything "matches," I sort of feel like I'm in a motel, if you know what I mean. Being grateful for small things, being comfortable and happy... yes. :)

BLD in MT said...

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Polly said...

Oh, I love that post, and you are so right--it is so inspirational! I love trying to make do with what I have, to create pretty and functional things. Right now I feel I'm in Domestic Purgatory as we await plans for finishing our basement--things are out of place and kind of wonky, and it's hard for me to feel very creative right now, when I know we will just be rearranging furniture, rooms, boxes, etc. so soon. But I'm going to ruminate on this post some more....because I want to feel that fresh inspiration. I love it so much!

Sarah Barry said...

Of course I love this post. Please tell me you have read the hidden art of homemaking by edith schaeffer. I think you would love it. It's not a page turner but it is so validating to anybody who feels the call to make home homey.

You always have the loveliest table settings in your photos.

Margo said...

Sarah, I've got Schaeffer's book, but I haven't read it the whole way through. I do like it.

And I can't take credit for these whimsical tables - they were in a fabulous little restaurant in Massachusetts I was at this summer.


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